2018-09-12 Jim Procter2.11 branch is next release master
2018-09-03 Jim Procter2.10.5 release
2018-08-30 Jim Procter2.10.5 will be the next release of Jalview
2018-05-09 Jim Procter2.10.4 release
2018-02-26 Jim Procterswitch to release 2.10.4 on next release branch
2018-01-22 Jim Procter2.10.3 for next release as well as latest release branch
2017-11-17 Jim Procter2.10.3 as release
2017-09-04 Jim Procterrelease 2.10.2b1 branch is now current release
2017-08-23 Jim Procternextrel is 2.10.2b1
2017-08-17 Jim ProcterJAL-2418 switching to v 2.10.2 branch
2017-06-11 Jim Procterupdate next-release build to 2.10.2
2016-11-29 Jim Procterrelease 2.10.1 update branches
2016-10-31 Jim Procterspike branches. First attempt.
2016-10-14 Jim Proctershift to 2.10.0 as release branch build
2016-10-06 Jim ProcterJAL-2089 update master and release branch
2016-10-04 Jim ProcterJAL-2189 release 2.10 branch next release
2016-05-02 Jim ProcterJAL-2089 update nextrelease for 2.9.1
2015-09-22 Jim ProcterJAL-1894 update build system for 2.9.0b1 next-release
2015-09-10 Jim Procterbump to Release 2.9
2015-04-27 Jim ProcterJAL-1645 renamed 2.8.3 branch to 2.9
2015-03-06 Jim ProcterJAL-1645 JAL-1682 JAL-1620 rotate for 2.8.3 being next...
2014-12-15 Jim ProcterJAL-1620 2.8.2b1 release
2014-12-03 Jim Procterrelease 2.8.2 branch
2014-06-04 Jalview build... updated release to 2.8.1 and next release to 2.8.2
2014-01-29 Jalview build... JAL-1432 update to Release_2_8_0b1_Branch
2013-09-03 Jalview build... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-09-03 Jim Proctertrial mod
2013-09-03 Jalview build... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-09-03 Jim Procterjalview build branches
2013-09-03 Jalview build... basic config for jalview cruisecontrol builds