2014-08-06 Alexander SherstnevAdd mode comments to the classes master
2014-08-01 Alexander SherstnevRemove trash
2014-08-01 Alexander SherstnevMerge branch 'master' of
2014-08-01 Sasha Sherstnevfix html errors
2014-07-31 Sasha Sherstnevpdf version of the presentation
2014-07-31 Sasha SherstnevFigure for ProteoCache structure
2014-02-04 Sasha SherstnevAdd new method to ProteoCacheWS web service
2014-02-04 Sasha SherstnevImprove javadoc
2014-02-04 Sasha SherstnevFix bug with deleted Cassandra table column
2014-02-03 Sasha SherstnevSimplify the jobdateinfo table (remove Total, Program...
2014-02-03 Sasha SherstnevTemporary fix problem with wrong Jpred version
2014-02-03 Sasha SherstnevAllow less full jobs (with failed status) to be reported
2014-02-03 Sasha SherstnevFix problem with the JSP
2014-02-03 Sasha SherstnevAdd file needed for WS deployment on Tomcat DAO
2014-02-03 Sasha SherstnevRe-generated WSDL
2014-02-03 Sasha SherstnevAdd explicit URL object
2014-02-03 Sasha SherstnevAdd comments to bean internal data
2014-02-03 Sasha SherstnevFix problem with monospace font
2014-01-31 Sasha SherstnevAdd documentation to the classes
2014-01-31 Sasha SherstnevAdd new operation to the ProteoCache WS
2014-01-31 Sasha SherstnevSimplify the code
2014-01-31 Sasha SherstnevMerge branch 'DAO'
2014-01-31 Sasha SherstnevApply formatting
2014-01-31 Sasha SherstnevFirst working web service for quering proteocache DB PROT-9-webservice
2014-01-31 Natasha SherstnevaMerge branch 'DAO' of
2014-01-31 Natasha SherstnevaDeleted and CassandraReaderOld...
2014-01-29 Sasha SherstnevClean up the code
2014-01-29 Sasha SherstnevMerge branch 'master' into PROT-9-webservice
2014-01-29 Sasha SherstnevChange main menu fro anonymous users
2014-01-29 Sasha SherstnevSwitichin between different Jpred installations
2014-01-29 Sasha SherstnevAdd reporting servlet time execution
2014-01-29 Sasha SherstnevFi bug for wrong job selection
2014-01-29 Sasha SherstnevA new MVC model paramter for "no jobs found"
2014-01-29 Sasha SherstnevBlock job report if no jobs are found
2014-01-27 Sasha Sherstnevupdate path to some dynamic pages
2014-01-27 Sasha SherstnevAdd detailed statistics on delated jobs
2014-01-27 Sasha SherstnevClean up the code
2014-01-27 Sasha SherstnevAdd simple statistics to the project home page
2014-01-27 Sasha SherstnevMove the class to engine
2014-01-27 Sasha SherstnevImprove stability of Cassandra API calls (commands...
2014-01-27 Sasha SherstnevImprove call of earliest and current dates (through...
2014-01-23 Sasha SherstnevMerge branch 'DAO'
2014-01-23 Sasha Sherstnev1. Fix bug in SequenceReader
2014-01-23 Sasha Sherstnev1. Fix problem with slow servlets (wrong forming CVS...
2014-01-23 Natasha SherstnevaMerge branch 'DAO' of
2014-01-23 Natasha Sherstnevafixed Execution Time Statistics report
2014-01-22 Sasha SherstnevIntroduce new table for programs and necessary infrastr...
2014-01-22 Sasha SherstnevMerge branch 'DAO'
2014-01-22 Sasha Sherstnevadd check for a Cassandra request
2014-01-21 Natasha Sherstnevafixed Execution time report
2014-01-21 Sasha SherstnevAdd delay for reading new jobs
2014-01-21 Sasha SherstnevAdd javadoc
2014-01-21 Sasha SherstnevWrong link
2014-01-20 Sasha SherstnevFix problem with new table column names: ProgrammeName...
2014-01-20 Sasha SherstnevMerge branch 'DAO'
2014-01-20 Sasha SherstnevAdd reference to the production Cassandra deployment
2014-01-20 Sasha SherstnevReplace java 1.6 -> 1.7 in Eclipse
2014-01-20 Sasha Sherstnevenable removing DB records from the Web (with admin...
2014-01-20 Sasha SherstnevEdit comments
2014-01-20 Sasha SherstnevImprove web view of the project (real pages for removal...
2014-01-20 Natasha SherstnevaMerge branch 'DAO' of
2014-01-20 Natasha Sherstnevainserted 2 columns: version and pragramme name
2014-01-17 Sasha SherstnevMerge branch 'DAO'
2014-01-15 Natasha Sherstnevachanged a dayly jobs statistic query
2014-01-15 Sasha SherstnevForm CSV file if results are not null
2014-01-13 Sasha SherstnevAdd direct links to Jpred jobs
2014-01-10 Sasha Sherstnevmove jsp for reports to a separate dir
2014-01-10 Sasha SherstnevApply formatting
2014-01-10 Sasha SherstnevMerge branch 'DAO'
2014-01-10 Sasha SherstnevAttempt to resolve the problem with java on cluster...
2014-01-10 Sasha SherstnevRemove obsolete javascript code
2014-01-10 Sasha SherstnevDummy controller for proteomes
2014-01-10 Sasha SherstnevAdd a bit of javascripting to the project
2014-01-10 Sasha SherstnevAdd datatables-1.9.4 and jquery-1.10.2 libraries
2014-01-10 Sasha SherstnevComment strang and potentially erroneous code
2014-01-10 Sasha SherstnevAdd the "Reload" and "CSV" buttons
2014-01-10 Sasha SherstnevTiny "view" correction
2014-01-10 Sasha Sherstnevadd menu elements for dealing with proteomes
2014-01-10 Natasha Sherstnevanew readers for the queries
2014-01-09 Sasha SherstnevRename the dynamic page generated with the controller
2014-01-09 Sasha SherstnevAdd exceptions and internal checks for Cassandra requests
2014-01-09 Sasha SherstnevAdd CSS element for tables with scrollbars
2014-01-09 Sasha SherstnevFix problem with radio button
2014-01-09 Sasha SherstnevAdd a possible path to the Jpred archive in the cluster
2014-01-09 Sasha SherstnevAdd areal group logo picture
2013-12-20 Sasha SherstnevMake all servlets available to admins
2013-12-20 Sasha SherstnevWrong web form action fixed
2013-12-20 Sasha SherstnevCentralize initial examples of job id and IP
2013-12-20 Sasha SherstnevFix the problem with the disappearing link to the job...
2013-12-20 Sasha SherstnevEnabling archiving by default
2013-12-20 Sasha SherstnevRemove obsolete raw servlets
2013-12-20 Sasha SherstnevAdd "template" figures for non-existing logos and javas...
2013-12-20 Sasha Sherstnevadd dummy file into results
2013-12-20 Sasha SherstnevAdd direct link to the job archive file (raw data)
2013-12-20 Sasha SherstnevMove one method and som internal data form DailyStatis...
2013-12-20 Sasha SherstnevFix problm with username
2013-12-19 Sasha SherstnevRemove obsolete classes
2013-12-19 Sasha SherstnevComment wrong code
2013-12-19 Sasha SherstnevAdd private methods instead of exteranl dependency
2013-12-19 Sasha SherstnevAdd private method instead of an exteran dependence