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Update changelog and rebuild docs

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JWS-109 & JWS-116 Bumped the release date and fixed the text regarding the Elixir-UK.

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JWS-122 & JWS-116 New documentation entry with instructions on how to use the JABAWS Docker image and new built html pages.

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JWS-109 & JWS-116 Added the new chaching as new entries to index.jsp and the docs’ changelog. Also bumped the release/update dates.

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JWS-116 New fixes to the documentation pages. Various fixes to the content, as well as bumped versions of aacon and dates. New citation, and pdf with full authors and contact information.

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JWS-109 & JWS-116 Moved the docs (source and html built) to a new location that is based on the version.

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