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Update changelog and rebuild docs

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JWS-109 Some minor fixes for broken links and missing space.

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JWS-119 & JWS-109 Fixed the relative paths to the documentation pages and bumped the date.

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JWS-109 New fixes and updated looks as suggested by Geoff. Added new section about elixir, fixed the top bar and added a MSA figure. Also bumped the date, and fixed the links to some of the downloads.

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JWS-109 & JWS-116 Moved the docs (source and html built) to a new location that is based on the version.

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JWS-109 Updated the download page with the link to the new turnkey linux

JWS-109 General improvements and further fixes to typos and proofreading.

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JWS-109 & JWS-110 Updated the Downloads page so that it follows the same style as the getting started page.

JWS-110 & JWS-109 Added a new downloads (static) page that avoids the signin/registration process.