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JWS-121 & JWS-109 Improved the way the service_status.jsp and usage_statistics.jsp work to load cached htmls or to redirect on error (i.e. missing cached htmls). This is a very hacky temporary solution. The provided script can be used to refresh the cached htmls every x minutes.

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JWS-121 & JWS-111 Adding ‘timestamp’ (string formatted date + time) to the HttpServletRequest to be used in the jsp and setting ‘timexec’ as seconds instead of millisecs.

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JWS-109 General improvements and further fixes to typos and proofreading.

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JWS-111 & JWS-109 Fixed some typos.

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JWS-111 & JWS-109 Re-uploading improved ‘Service Status’ and ‘Usage Statistics’ pages that use the template header and footer, as well as the bootstrap look.

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