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JWS-44 - attempt to make a file executable if it is supposed to be executable according to jabaws configuration.

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JWS-43 eclipse project metadata for dynamic web project directly deployable on development server

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Merge branch 'JWS-27-jronn' into develop

Merge branch 'JWS-27-jronn' into JABAWS_Release_2_0

JWS-27 replaced JRonn with patched biojava 3.0.4 version which runs correctly for large sets of sequences in multithreaded mode

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Merge branch 'JWS-29' into develop

Merge branch 'JWS-29' into JABAWS_Release_2_0

JWS-29 patch fixes bug - wierd workaround since "^\\s*>" caused scanner to advance to end of file rather than start of next FASTA header

test demonstrating JWS-29 assertion failure

Merge branch 'JWS-36' into JABAWS_Release_2_0

Merge branch 'JWS-36' into develop

JWS-36 patched Scores writer to put spaces between ranges and space separated scores

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Merge branch 'JWS-35' into JABAWS_Release_2_0

patch fixes JWS-35

patch fixes JWS-35

test for JWS-35 - check that range and first value of prediction for each method matches expected values

test for JWS-35 - check that range and first value of prediction for each method matches expected values

remove jabaws 3 development code

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ensure we never check in autogenerated documentation or build artefacts

fix jabaws download link

File puller tester

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word order

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load the driver explicitly

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AMI ID update

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web site minor tweaks

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web pages url updates

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Bug fix to the stat pages

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updated javadoc for the system as well as new redirect address for download app

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remove old project javadoc

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remove old datamodel javadoc

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