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JAL-3503 New getdown version and jar files

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JAL-3503 Added a Startup tab in Preferences, with gui for JVMMEMMAX and JVMMEMPC settings. Allowed jalview.bin.Launcher and getdown to read/use these memory settings at launch. Added channel.props to getdown appdir, used to determing correct .jalview_properties file. Refactored MemorySetting a bit, with more helper methods for the Preferences tab.

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JAL-3830 Allow paths to start with '~'. Make path check more succinct.

JAL-3830 Now using a single universal bash script (jalviewc) for bash in linux, macos, cygwin and WSL. It keeps things together.

JAL-3830 add the windows bash script to getdown files and install4j installers

JAL-3830 bash script that works in both cygwin and WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

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JAL-3830 Delete wrapper scripts and getdown *v files when uninstalling

JAL-3830 powershell wrapper tested on linux, macos and windows including spaces in paths. This is the way.

added untracked parsing attempts files

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Adding tests for 3DB, currently 2/4 corrects on PanelTest

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Merge branch 'releases/Release_2_11_1_Branch'

JAL-3830 minor fix in powershell wrapper

JAL-3830 powershell follows symlinks as they do exist in NTFS, and of course in linux

JAL-3830 Powershell wrapper now works cross-platform. Who needs bash?!

JAL-3830 Make wrapper scripts executable

JAL-3830 powershell wrapper tested and fixed

JAL-3830 improved bash scripts. Added powershell script. Needs testing

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JAL-3830 unix and macos wrappers. Symbolic link to jalviewc-macos in Contents/MacOS/jalviewc.

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JAL-3523 Advanced the getdown version number

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JAL-3830 Improved for .app dir name with spaces, e.g. Jalview Local. Tested on mac to be working.

JAL-3523 Remove getdown setting the working directory to appdir

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JAL-3830 install4j adds script to Jalview.app/Contents/MacOS/jalview but we need install4j9 to make it executable

JAL-3830 first draft of wrapper script to go in macOS Jalview.app/Contents/MacOS/jalview

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JAL-3816 release date updated to 9th March

JAL-3816 release date set for 8th March and updated what's new

JAL-3816 new known defects JAL-3705 and JAL-3806

Merge branch 'task/JAL-3796_notarization' into develop

Merge branch 'develop' into task/JAL-3796_notarization

JAL-3796 minimal steps for notarization and the entitlements.txt file needed for the codesign tool

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JAL-3618 Enable appBundleIsTraversable in JFileChooser on macOS