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test to see if the build testing passes this test.

Slight modifications from Mungo's last commit to account for recent

changes in public/private fields, but that is all.

Passing tests on Bob's Windows machine.

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Merge branch 'develop' into Jalview-JS/develop






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Jal-3066 Retrieve job log and error log from the server.

JAL-3066 AACon: pass the instance name of the service to the alignment analysis UI

JAL-3066 Check if annotation and features are present before fetching

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tasks/JAL-3070_wsinterfaces' into alpha/JAL-3066_Jalview_212_slivka-integration

JAL-3066 report job ID when submitted

JAL-3066 debug info: check response when adding features and annotation

JAL-3066 JAL-3070 AACon: pass the name of the service to the alignment analysis UI

JAL-3066 hack to instantiate the correct client according to slivka service annotation. NEEDS ROBUST TESTING!

JAL-3070 jaba/slivka independent tests for disorder and AACon services

JAL-3070 JAL-3066 provide standard concrete instances for instantaneous analysis UI settings container

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JAL-3070 JAL-3066 fix initialisation of slivka ServiceWithParameters

Revert "JAL-3070 JAL-3066 fix initialisation of slivka ServiceWithParameters"

This reverts commit daa1765ab2101480a724b92a3f3e7dee662ba943.

JAL-3070 use identity equivalence for workers rather than relying on equals not being overridden to detect their presence.

JAL-3070 formatting

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JAL-3453 Some tests require different Desktop constructor

even better, simpler idea:

static boolean instanceOnly

public static Desktop getInstanceOnly()


instanceOnly = true;

return getInstance();


JAL-3453 Some tests require different Desktop constructor

better idea:


- creates an instance with no dialog prompting and no frame display,

similar to headless mode, but not fully bypassing the code that

Jalview.headless bypasses.

JAL-3453 better JavaDoc

JAL-2114 just noting where the exo-location error presents itself.

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JAL-3454 file loading string-only (testNG) fails for PDB file

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JAL-3453 Some tests require different Desktop constructor

JAL-3451 setting dimensions for AlignFrame if embedded

JAL-3451 updated SwingJS-site.zip

    • binary
updated _j2sclasslist.txt and _j2sclasslist_jmol.txt

JAL-3451 JalviewJS embedded mode not resizing

- adds Platform.getDimIfEmbedded(frame, defaultWidth, defaultHeight)

- implemented for AlignFrame, TreePanel, and PCAPanel

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Merge branch 'Jalview-JS/JAL-3253-applet' of https://source.jalview.org/git/jalview.git into Jalview-JS/JAL-3253-applet

Desktop JavaDoc comments for Mungo from gitter discussion

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JAL-3451 older embedding test html removed

Current test is site/jalview_embedded_example1.html

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JAL-3210. IT LIVES\! some goomph transpilation going on