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JAL-2272 another test case

JAL-1805 groups=Functional added where missing

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JAL-2272 unit tests added for Platform.isControlDown

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    • +74
JAL-2318 updated help text

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    • +5
JAL-2282 show url links that need checked; remove 'www' from default

JAL-2295 handle no progress bar message properly

JAL-2295 small tidy of javadoc only

JAL-2295 (unoptimised) write Jalview features as Chimera attributes

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    • +12
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bug/JAL-2282' into develop

JAL-2315 Clear sequenceURLLinks if all sequence links are removed.

JAL-2292 squashed bug that breaks feature mapping for different cased residues

JAL-2292 added javadoc for compareChar(..) utility method

Merge branch 'develop' of https://source.jalview.org/git/jalview into develop

JAL-2195 JAL-2262 house keeping

JAL-2292 fix for wrong mapping output in sequence mapping output window where sequence residue has different case with structure residue

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    • +5
JAL-2292 Wrote utility method for comparing two char either case sensitively or insensitively

JAL-2292 Unit test for utility method for comparing two chars

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    • +12
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bug/JAL-2282' into develop

JAL-2282 Better check for existing url links

JAL-2272 right mouse button on Mac is not Cmd equivalent!

JAL-2282 Remove Cache dependency from applet

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JAL-2282 Message box stays on top at Jalview open; checks for links before deciding whether to display.

JAL-966 JAL-1854 removed redundant methods / modifiers from search result interface, corrected faulty toString

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    • +17
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JAL-2302 unit tests added for Finder

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    • +285
JAL-2282 Link menu disabled if there are no valid links

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    • +16
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    • +10
JAL-2282 Updated warn.url_must_contain

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    • +1
JAL-2282 If checkbox on warning dialog is unclicked, reset cache settings for checking url links.

JAL-2281 Back out unit test update, as Mungo already added.

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into bug/JAL-2282

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JAL-2308 Fixed hiddenColsTest