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JAL-3626 from JAL-3253-applet Cache applicationProperties made private

-- adds remove/setPropertyNoSave

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SwingJS runtime update 3.2.9-v1b

- mostly fixes from recent SwingJS work involving

-- expanded FileSystem and temp file management

-- super-fast HashMap (faster than Java!), HashTable,

StringBuilder, StringBuffer, NumberFormat, DecimalFormat

-- improved ResourceBundle

-- full Locale information

-- additional BufferedImage/ColorModel/Raster support

- fixes temp files not cached (JSTempFile, for Jmol)

- fixes AbstractStringBuilder.replace() typo

- reverts recent HashSet acceleration due to Jalview

using String.hashCode() for display order of features

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JAL-3559 temporary branch adding JS files complete

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Revert "JAL-3210 Moving j2s components around"

This reverts commit ea88f37133ba49aca6cd7bf0cc4242c0594cebf1.

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JAL-3210 Moving j2s components around

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JAL-3210 Moving j2s components around

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JAL-3210 Barebones gradle/buildship/eclipse. See README

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JAL-3210 JAL-3140 intervalstore library added to JS as zip

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removes org.json from srcjar

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recompiled libs; JSONException fixed, JSlider, JSpinner

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Adds org.json (along with "org.json.simple") for

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Java2Script 3.2.2_04 fixes Clazz._exceptionOf P$ issue

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JAL-3032 adds Java 8 functionality (2/2)

the "::" operator

lambda expressions


default methods in interfaces

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JAL-3026 renaming build-zip-jars.xml to build-libjs.xml

this file is only to be used when new jar contents are tanspiled into

JavaScript. Preferably add these to src2, compile, and remove them from

src2. This could certainly be automated.

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