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JAL-3007 mac apps found in gradle-app dir. Not refined but should work

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JAL-3130 Jars needed to run under openJDK 11. Includes alternatives for, java.xlm.bind and

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JAL-3007 bash script launcher -- not using bundled JRE (yet)

JAL-3007 Added the -XX:+AggressiveHeap option

JAL-3007 build.gradle configured for compiling with JDK 10, 'add-modules' for both javac and java


git commit -m JAL-3007


Added instructions to use local Java 'installations' (for Windows/macOS) in the README.


Noted in README that the curl commands to grab the build.gradle and settings.gradle files need fixing.


Added configuration for plugin that builds a working mac App bundle (hence the plugin name) with bundled JRE

JAL-3007 updating README instructions. works on my mac now

JAL-3007 changed git checkout to wget for two files after initial commit

JAL-3007 first attempts at gradle configs. see gradle-config/README

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