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JAL-3559 temporary branch adding JS files complete

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JAL-3210 Barebones gradle/buildship/eclipse. See README

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Site resources for running pages with swingjs/JalviewJS.js

JalviewJS.js just a very thin implementation, enough to show a "Start

Jalview" button, read the <applet> tag for parameters, and to start the

applet when that button is pressed.

Using the applet tags allows support for both Java and JavaScript for

pages that have Jalview <applet> tags. (Java right now requires


Info.resourcePath is used by jalview.bin.AppletParams to ensure that the

directory with the resources is found.

applets.html is functioning in a preliminary demo mode

- <applet> tag read successfully

- Info.resourcePath read successfully

- Info and applet parameters transferred successfully

- .fa and features files read successfully

- embedding and floating frames supported

- initial "Start Jalview" buttons working

- when VARNA 2D or other window is displays, others hide.

(probably because Desktop is in the DOM but hidden).

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