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JAL-3111 update InstallAnywhere dependencies for changed libraries

JAL-2988 JAL-2968 renamed patched VAqua5 to VAqua5-patch.jar and documented patch along with instructions for rebuilding the jar

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JAL-3101 increase default heap size in IA and JNLP generation, and generate a jalview_256MB.jnlp file for backwards compatibility

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JAL-2988 update InstallAnywhere install dependencies for VAqua5

Update spike branch to latest (HMMSearch file chooser arg)

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JAL-2629 update spike branch to latest

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JAL-2931 patch IA paths for new build box

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JAL-2976 typo in installAnywhere build for VAqua dependency

JAL-2976 Vaqua(4) as a dependency

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JAL-2069 spike updated with latest (FeatureTypeSettings)

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JAL-2698 only allow InstallAnywhere launches with version 1.8.* of java - java 9 JVM args not yet working for 2.10.3

JAL-2698 patch path for InstallAnywhere build. Webstart and source builds unchanged

JAL-2738 copy to spikes/mungo

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JAL-2675 update destination jar name of min-jabaws-client to 2.2

spike branch updated from latest features/JAL-2446

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JAL-2606 updated IA build for changed dependency due to JAL-2549

JAL-2325 JAL-1878 update minimum versions of JRE for running/installing on windows and OSX

JAL-2325 JAL-2273 update vms bound to different installers

JAL-2177 Jmol update from: Jmol-14.2.14_2015.06.11 to Jmol-14.6.4_2016.10.26

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JAL-2089 patch broken merge to master for Release 2.10.0b1

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JAL-2089 Merge branch releases/Release_2_10_Branch to master

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JAL-2030 - add servlet-api-3.1.jar to installAnywhere build

JAL-2074 reinstate upgrade to groovy 2.8.4-indy

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JAL-2074 backed out groovy upgrade - back to 1.8.2

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JAL-2074 updated groovy-all to 2.4.6-indy

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Merge branch 'develop' into features/JAL-653_JAL-1766_htslib_refseqsupport

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JAL-1894 update year/version in copyright

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JAL-1612 JAL-1439 JAL-1845 OSX Installers set Xdock:name=Jalview and Xdock:icon=<install path>/..icn file in launchAnywhere

JAL-1645 Version-Rel Version 2.9 Year-Rel 2015 Licensing glob

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JAL-1645 licencing for new files in test and utils

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