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JAL-3393 Updated DS_Store files, script and doc

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JAL-3393 Made an all-in-one script to create the DS_Store from scratch (has to be run on a mac desktop, it incorporates the AppleScript Finder adjustments). Updated docs. Updated the release DMG background image with the script. Changed install4j9 to put the background image as .background/background.png.

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JAL-3393 Added version number to DMG Volume name. New jalview_dmg_DS_Store and documentation about it

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JAL-3805 Smaller DMG Finder windows for all DS_Store files in utils/channels/... . Removed no longer used DS_Store files from utils/install4j.

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JAL-3594 DMG fixes

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JAL-3594 added BG logo. Changed some named Jalviews to app_name property. Added test-release and default channels.

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