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JAL-3907 added creation of symbolic links to workaround an install4j9 problem with parsing packed jre filenames with hyphens.

JAL-3830 install4j9 tries to parse and can't cope with the hyphens and filename format of the jre-VERSION-OS-ARCH.tar.gz JRE tar files, so using underscores in symbolic links

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JAL-3907 adjusted and scripts to use adoptium and added Java 17 download. Added JAVA_VERSION=17 as a gradle build property option.

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JAL-3227 slightly adapted to make it easier to specify GNU tar on macos. 'TAR=gtar'

JAL-3252 helper script for keeping JREs for all platforms up to date changed to create .zip files for getdown OTA updates

JAL-3227 helper shell scripts for setting up a build environment

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