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JAL-1888 set verbosity and exclude the 'parallel' attribute so no parallel execution is performed for tests

JAL-1859 reinstated full path to file option (for local server)

JAL-1888 JAL-1551 format XML file (2 spaces, no tabs, align final > in wrapped tags)

JAL-1888 compile tests to separate directory and pass directly as fileset to testNG task

JAL-1888 documentation for testing target

JAL-1888 property to specify which testng groups should run (Functional is default)

JAL-1424 Ant task to report missing language bundle entries

    • binary
JAL-1774 bugfix for misleading message after trying to delete solid column


JAL-1486 off-by-one error bugfix

Merge branch 'JAL-1612_JAL-1439_JAL-1845_osx_icons_signing_installanywhere' into develop

JAL-1612 JAL-1439 JAL-1845 OSX Installers set Xdock:name=Jalview and Xdock:icon=<install path>/..icn file in launchAnywhere

    • -43
    • +222
JAL-1882 variable renamed to avoid confusion with member variable

Merge branch 'develop' of https://source.jalview.org/git/jalview.git into develop

JAL-1885 small fix to isVersionStringLaterThan plus tests

    • -0
    • +53

JAL-1881 Bugfix for annotation import from BioJS

JAL-1684 typo correction

JAL-1859 removed temporary test copy of pdb file

JAL-1859 refactor duplicated code to new HttpUtils class

    • -0
    • +47
JAL-1859 code tidy, remove 'absolute URL' option

    • -19
    • +21
JAL-1859 working variable to aid inspection in debugger

JAL-1859 try 1gaq.txt in /lang so it is in the built jar

    • -0
    • +691
JAL-1859 debug logging removed

JAL-1859 revert to resolving full path to PDB file

JAL-1859 refactor addProtocol, setProtocolState as resolveFileProtocol

    • -40
    • +67
JAL-1859 temporary debug output

JAL-1859 use unresolved PDB filename

JAL-1859 strip file name from applet documentbase

    • -18
    • +35
JAL-1859 refactoring / debugging added