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JAL-3289 Ehancements to ARCHIVE building and script to show how to batch build and rsync the archived versions

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JAL-3289 ARCHIVE now implemented (requires a compiled -PARCHIVEDIST=/path/to/old/jalview/dist). Improved delete file values in uninstaller. Added an ARCHIVELOCAL channel type for testing.

JAL-3289 implemented CHANNEL=LOCAL,RELEASE,TEST-RELEASE,SCRATCHH-...,DEVELOP,ARCHIVE. Added fallback install/getdown-launcher.jar and added to classpath in install4j_template.install4j

JAL-3330 merge styles onto originating view after fetching database references

JAL-3330 dbreffetcher: record any feature display models associated with sources that provide sequences

JAL-3330 merge styles onto originating views when show cross-refs performed (should really do this for all views involving dataset).

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JAL-3330 mergeFeatureStyles - needs test coverage

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JAL-3322 improve visibility of versioning of launcher

JAL-3111 formatting

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JAL-3111 JAL-2069 JAL-2808 documentation for feature filters and enhanced feature colours. Revised feature settings documentation for legibility.

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JAL-3289 Start looking at automating location in appbase more sensibly

JAL-3328 improvement to the EQinvoke code

JAL-3328 Made choice of invokeLater or invokeAndWait configurable

JAL-3111 added Colour By ID and an overview of Jalview’s alignment colouring capabilities

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JAL-3328 JAL-3300 changed invokeLaters to invokeAndWaits for more visible progress

JAL-3328 Getdown version number, changed to 1.8.3-1.0_JVL

JAL-3328 Improved progress bar. Higher-res file icons. Splashscreen visibile for slightly longer (now at least 7 seconds).

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JAL-3322 Adding a configurable getdown version number display (above appbase) to getdown splashscreen

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Merge branch 'develop' into improvement/JAL-3322_getdown_splashscreen_visibility

merging in develop

JAL-3111 last final release date for 2.11.0 !

JAL-3111 2.11 improvement JAL-3205 JAL-3203 Post-hoc documentation of known defects not listed in earlier versions.

JAL-3322 New progress bar. Added option to report appbase in launcher window. Added ui.keep_on_top option for getdown window. Added a launch.jvl file. Added build_properties as a resource and build_properties.install at installation time (only)

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Merge branch 'develop' into bug/JAL-2934proportionalScrolling

JAL-3111 JAL-1424 release notes

JAL-3111 JAL-3130 JAL-3235 Java 11 specific known defects in 2.11

JAL-3323 Improved macOS Old Jalview Uninstaller

Merge branch 'develop' into releases/Release_2_11_Branch