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JAL-3210 removed 'all' core due to problems

JAL-3210 slight classpath adjustment for Eclipse

JAL-3210 Clean transfer site dirs after syncing when developing in Eclipse, to prevent unnecessary results in searches.

JAL-3210 oops. forgot to neaten out the buildProperties change in build.gradle. done now

JAL-3210 need this .gitignore addition for the new location of .build_properties

JAL-3210 .build_properties now created in /resources, which is found in Eclipse/buildship classpath. Does not affect jar build

JAL-3210 Auto copy j2s plugin to Eclipse IDE dropins dir. Off by default

JAL-3210 add more memory to javaexec running closure compiler

JAL-3210 task jalviewjsIDE_checkJ2sPlugin compares installed net.sf.j2s.core with version in eclipse being run

JAL-3210 Possibly fixed eclipse_workspace_location disappearances, again

JAL-3210 Improved dirs in build.gradle. Fixed _all core (added exclusions). Possibly fixed eclipse_workspace_location disappearances

JAL-3210 merge. j2sclasslist_jmol seems to be removed

JAL-3210 multiple core templates.

JAL-3210 multiple core templates. work in progress

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JAL-3210 Test with coreall.z.js

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Merge branch 'Jalview-JS/develop' of https://source.jalview.org/git/jalview.git into Jalview-JS/develop

JAL-3274 resource path correction, code tidying (constants etc)

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JAL-3210 working in Eclipse improvements

JAL-3210 minor fix

JAL-3210 Better ustEclipse IDE/CLI refinements

JAL-3210 Better use of ext properties, no more globals, auto detect Eclipse IDE

Revert "JAL-3210 merging in Jalview-JS/develop"

This reverts commit 9499aed89323b8f53689d6428ffc9b32250eae6c, reversing

changes made to fb616bbaa70ca0f8bbae7e076f3c403a737205a9.

Still not working right in Eclipse

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JAL-3210 Moved local.properties override into ext, now picked up in Eclipse IDE

JAL-3210 merging in Jalview-JS/develop

JAL-3210 _jalview core published, added to jalviewjsTest.html

JAL-3210 working on dependencies for publishcoretemplate. tidying

JAL-3210 working on dependencies for publishcoretemplate. tidying

JAL-3210 PublishCoreTemplate task

JAL-3210 Add a local.properties ECLIPSE_IDE_DEVELOPER=true to prevent headless eclipse from running

JAL-3210 BuildAllCores dependencies carefully implemented so Eclipse does not call headless task

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