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JAL-2634 Make overview box full height when alignment is wrapped

JAL-2634 Added null test for graphics in AnnotationPanel::fastPaint

JAL-147 corrected status bar message for wrapped scrolled right view

JAL-2622 no vertical scroll of wrapped alignment from trackpad / mouse button

JAL-147 unit test for no vertical move of Overview box in wrapped mode

Merge branch 'documentation/JAL-2418_release2102' into develop

JAL-2624 check feature colour threshold when colouring structure

JAL-2623 initialise colour threshold slider correctly

    • -1
    • +2
JAL-2432 updated documentation for select/hide by annotation to include As Percentage checkbox

    • binary
JAL-147 don't scroll up beyond startRes = 0

JAL-147 corrected calculation of vertical scroll position and max

JAL-147 draw up to last position of wrapped alignment!

Merge branch 'develop' into bug/JAL-147scrollWrappedView

JAL-1648 JAL-2447 Spanish translations

    • -3
    • +5
JAL-147 prevent vertical Overview box movement in wrapped mode

JAL-147 unit test for hide/show sequences update ViewportRanges

    • -0
    • +43
JAL-2605 ensure correct scale width calculation

JAL-147 don't update overview for column selection (applet)

    • -1
    • +1
JAL-147 additions to unit test, check for negative array index

JAL-147 prevent overview box move up over hidden first sequence

JAL-147 revised update of startSeq, endSeq on unhide sequences

JAL-147 unit tests added, unused setEndRes removed

    • -21
    • +164
JAL-147 corrected update of ViewportRanges for show/hide sequences

JAL-147 update ViewportRanges height after show/hide sequences

JAL-147 remove redundant calls to update overview panel

    • -12
    • +0
JAL-2608 tidy up OverviewPanel when closed

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    • +2
    • -0
    • +25
    • -2
    • +25
JAL-147 call method that sets visible width when drawing wrapped panel

JAL-147 extract local variable for ease of debugging

Merge branch 'develop' into bug/JAL-147scrollWrappedView

JAL-147 correct width out-by-one drawing ids