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JAL-3003 remove redundant call to drawSelectionGroup

JAL-3059 use correct border colour for groups

JAL-3003 draw selection group outline on main graphics context

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    • +76
JAL-3080 remove tree partition if no groups created

JAL-3078 reset Tree font (only!) on Cancel

Merge branch 'task/JAL-3047_clovercoverage' into develop

JAL-3047 don't set classes unconditionally (forgot to delete it in earlier patch)

Merge branch 'develop' of http://source.jalview.org/git/jalview into develop

Merge branch 'task/JAL-3047_clovercoverage' into develop

JAL-3047 don’t let the makedist task complete if a clover build was performed

JAL-3047 ‘cloverclasses’ build directory for instrumented classes (allow incremental compile and avoid releasing instrumented classes in production builds)

JAL-3047 enable clover for testng

JAL-3047 ignore clover output dir

JAL-3047 ant -Dclover.jar=../path/to/clover/lib/clover.jar to enable clover for testng ant task

Merge branch 'task/JAL-3042_remove_SimpleDocument_dependency' into develop

JAL-3042 remove mention of adjustable search box history length from docs

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JAL-3035 removed jdas in libs documentation and noted spring modules as candidates for removal

Merge branch 'tasks/JAL-3035_remove_dasobert_dependency' into develop

JAL-3035 documentation in 2.11 release notes (and 2.11 fictional release date)

JAL-3035 remove DAS UI documentation

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Merge branch 'tasks/JAL-3035_remove_dasobert_dependency' into develop

JAL-3035 - jalview-das is no more ! - jsdas lib removed - DAS settings panel deleted (Feature settings pane has no tabs now) - all code for wrapping DAS sources and retrieving sequences and features from them is gone - test methods/main methods have been de-dasified or removed if their only purpose was to test DAS source discovery - fancy sorting code to account for DAS sequence source names has been removed

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JAL-3035 (unrelated) random XML error in nbbuild.xml

JAL-3042 don't allow user to change default history length for an input box

JAL-2755 correct Javadoc and error handling

    • -2
    • +6
    • -1
    • +4
JAL-3013 ensure Chimera as a symlink gets resolved

JAL-2808 update test for revised treatment of 'mixed type' attribute values

JAL-3019 correctly form toRange of 'traversed' MapList

    • -31
    • +45
JAL-3018 updated REST versions to 6.3

JAL-2808 don't capture or report min-max for mixed text/numeric attribute

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    • +1