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Revert "JAL-3210 merging in Jalview-JS/develop"

This reverts commit 9499aed89323b8f53689d6428ffc9b32250eae6c, reversing

changes made to fb616bbaa70ca0f8bbae7e076f3c403a737205a9.

Still not working right in Eclipse

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Revert "JAL-3210 work in progress on closures"

This reverts commit 581fcc0aab400bcdd52f5c0ec64f34a8fd5e786a.

Seems to have broken development in Eclipse IDE. Reverting.

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JAL-3210 work in progress on closures

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JAL-3033 and more classes for examples core

JAL-3033 more classes for the kitchen sink

JAL-3033 updated classlist for loading the example file (jim's kitchensink corefile)

JAL-3192 corefile after loading in exampleFile_2_7.jvp

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    • +368
JAL-3192 new build-all-cores target which iterates through all classlists/.txt files in it in order to build corefiles

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