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JAL-2828 allow CalcId to match on String equivalence (migrated from Alignment’s implementation of findAnnotation)

    • -10
    • +3
JAL-2828 refactored duplicate code for searching lists of AlignmentAnnotation to static methods.

    • -14
    • +3
    • -38
    • +7
Merge branch 'bug/JAL-2742' into develop

Revert "JAL-2742 release notes - pending confirmation that there was impact to user" -- no impact so won't include development detail in release notes.

This reverts commit ba70dbddc08876d8d72bb303823f683b65bf13c7.

JAL-2225 release note

Merge branch 'bug/JAL-2225mapMultipleChains' into develop

Merge branch 'develop' into bug/JAL-2225mapMultipleChains

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    • -27
    • +31
JAL-2698 14 Nov 2017 release date for 2.10.3

JAL-2775 release notes

Merge branch 'imp/JAL-2775' into develop

JAL-2756 release notes

Merge branch 'bug/JAL-2756sequenceidmessage' into develop

Merge branch 'documentation/JAL-2698_release2103' into develop

JAL-2818 modified README for launching jalview from source build

Merge branch 'develop' into imp/JAL-2775

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    • +17
JAL-2756 update for new EBI https link

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    • +14
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JAL-2526 updated javadoc

JAL-2698 update version and cut release branch

JAL-2546 release notes

JAL-2488 patch causes of NPE during testStoreAndRecoverExpandedviews Jalview2xml tests.

Merge branch 'feature/JAL-2488finalize' into develop

    • -9
    • +0
    • -68
    • +13
JAL-2036 2.10.3 release notes

JAL-2793 cancelling font changed dialog didn't call ap.fontChanged() to reset layout

JAL-2548 release notes

Merge branch 'bug/JAL-2776toggleGroupColour' into develop

JAL-2684 JAL-2685 release notes

JAL-2685 tidy up html doc

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    • +15
Merge branch 'features/JAL-2685pairwiseSeqLimits' into develop

JAL-2392 test asserts for progressbar creation on the Swing GUI thread.

    • -1
    • +17
JAL-2617 release notes