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JAL-3543 remove debugging output

Merge branch 'develop' into improvement/JAL-3543_dont_report_null_versions_in_java_console

Merging with develop

JAL-3543 Conditional reporting of Install4j and Getdown versions if null

JAL-3407 JAL-3296 release notes

Merge branch 'bug/JAL-3296changeStartInvalidateCursor' into develop

JAL-3477 jalview.jvmmemmax / jvmmemmax maximum value documentation

Merge branch 'bug/JAL-3477_memory_max_allocation' into develop replaced all libs with libs onbug/JAL-3477_memory_max_allocation, though these will still need to be rebuilt (but how !)

Merge branch 'improvement/JAL-3449_add_install4j_installer_getdown_versions_to_jalview_console.2' into develop

JAL-3541 docs for enabling OpenClover coverage reports and adjustable build parameters for troubleshooting report generation.

JAL-3541 removed clover report generation debug flag (utf-8 encoding enforcement seems to have fixed parsing of jalview.gui.desktop source)

JAL-3541 configurables for clover report generation (JVM heap, JVM args, and -v or -d for debugging)

JAL-3541 track own jalview.gui.Desktop clover source parsing error

JAL-3541 2g heap for clover xml and clover html - remove verbose on xml generation (did't actually need it !)

JAL-3541 add verbose and heap setting for HTML Report Generation

JAL-3541 use javaExec to run clover tasks

Merge branch 'bug/JAL-3536getCrossrefTwice' into develop

JAL-3186 ensure transparency slider position is updated on revert

    • -2
    • +16
JAL-3186 avoid repainting twice in splitframe

Merge branch 'features/JAL-3187_uitweaks' into develop

Merge branch 'develop' into features/JAL-3187_uitweaks

JAL-3187 nice to have enabling/disabling of apply/cancel when feature settings have not yet been modified for a view

JAL-3187 use the recommended way of catching tab selection change events

    • -29
    • +31
JAL-3187 repaint complement after loading on features

JAL-3187 individual feature settings panel has revert/apply when embedded in a tab, and split frame feature settings has an OK and Cancel.

    • -25
    • +66
JAL-3187 i18n for titles in windows/tabs

JAL-3535 todo re titles for CDS and Protein views in the feature settings dialog pane

JAL-3187 - tabbed pane is nulled when feature settings is closed but not featureSettingsUI - check both are non-null or reconstruct

Merge branch 'develop' into improvement/JAL-3449_add_install4j_installer_getdown_versions_to_jalview_console.2