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Merge branch 'task/JAL-3991_check_actual_JAVA_VERSION_against_build_properties_in_application_startup' into develop

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JAL-4012 release date bump and JAL-4004 tweak to include current version in generated whatsNew.html

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JAL-4004 Fix missing whatsNew.html when not building with RELEASE channel set

JAL-4004 cosmetic improvements for Java documentation renderer

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JAL-4004 gradle task releasesTemplates now part of main build dependency tree. Improvements to releases.html.

JAL-4004 gradle releasesTemplates builds releases.html

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JAL-4004 Temporary mechanism to add JalviewJS link for selected versions to hugo website

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JAL-3989 Code tidying, added JVL_HEADER for older versions of Jalview, allow time in release date header

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JAL-4004 Now generating hugo files from help/markdown/...

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JAL-4004 locations for markdown to go into whatsnew.html, releases.html and Version-VERSION/

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JAL-3989 improved parsing and formatting now using flex CSS layout for columns

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JAL-3989 small improvements to output markdown

JAL-3989 add in issue shortcodes to the archive version page changes list

JAL-3989 Populate template files for hugo build: archive version files including changes from releases.html, and installers data file

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JAL-3989 moved getdown build dirs to build/website/docroot/getdown/CHANNEL, build/website/docroot/old/VERSION and build/getdown/files, and files for hugo into build/website/hugo/... This is better in multiple ways including collating files needed for the hugo website and website docroot.

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JAL-3989 Independent creation of JSON installer sections

JAL-3978 clean up unnecessary local variables for JALVIEW_VERSION_UNDERSCORES

JAL-3989 Changed to using for SHA256 sum, for gradle 7 compatibility

JAL-3991 JAVA_COMPILE_VERSION put into build_properties. Check for possible JVM mismatch in jalview.bin.LaunchUtils. STDERR warning from jalview.bin.Launcher. Console and optional popup warning in jalview.bin.Jalview.

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JAL-3989 slight refactor of build.gradle, add more metadata to JSON file. Added some commented out path changes to for future gathering of built files into more sensible places

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JAL-3989 fix a build date once in build.gradle, not each time getDate() is called.

Merge branch 'task/JAL-3553_improved_install4j_output_txt' into merge/JAL-3978+JAL-3553+develop

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Merge branch 'develop' into improvement/JAL-3978_add_gradle_task_to_make_getdown_archive_dir

JAL-3973 exclude the original RELEASE file so gradle doesn't complain of duplicate entries in the tarball

JAL-3978 New tasks to build archive 'old' dir with appropriate getdown resources, JVL file and digest

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JAL-3978 task stub and getdown splash screens

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Append git.hash and git.branch to RELEASE file stored in tarball. When compiling, if not in git repo use git.branch and git.hash from RELEASE file.

JAL-3973 This fixes the gradle build when not in a git repo. (Part 1 of the issue)

JAL-3103 Put jalview.jar first in getdown for .properties files. Remove now-not-needed exception handling from jalview code for openURL. Change Default browser input to JComboBox populated by BrowserLauncher2

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JAL-3830 fix broken/buggy install4j9 setting of executeSetupApp=false still running setupApp