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JAL-3992 bump version and report updates in release notes

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JAL-3992 fix path

JAL-3992 shift+arrow to jump to next gap/residue in cursor/keyboard editing mode

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JAL-3990 release notes and what’s new

JAL-3990 release notes for patch release

JAL-3983 release note for JAL-3985

JAL-3983 known issue note for JAL-3984

JAL-3983 release notes for JAL-3975 and known issue note for JAL-3984

JAL-3983 update release notes for JAL-3973

JAL-3983 release date and release notes

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JAL-3746 bump release date to 10th March - after UoD network maintenance

JAL-3746 more docs tweaking and release notes

JAL-3746 JAL-3841 new README and finalising release notes

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JAL-3108 updated Ensembl client and model species names

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JAL-3746 new release date for 2.11.2

JAL-3746 JAL-3103 java.awt.Desktop.showURL method mechanism release notes

JAL-3103 updated help doc to remove default browser choice

JAL-3647 release notes for JAL-1842 JAL-3509 JAL-3881, JAL-3884 JAL-3632 JAL-3633 and report JAL-3764 as a known issue

JAL-3647 release notes for hdpi/laf scaling JAL-3608 JAL-3609 JAL-3552

JAL-3746 structure mapping preference docs for JAL-3817

JAL-3608 JAL-3830 tweaked the what’s new text and updated helpTOC

JAL-3608 JAL-3830 simplified command line docs a bit

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JAL-3830 added command line to whatsnew and releases

JAL-3830 Added new command line usage to docs

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JAL-3608 added to LaF documentation

JAL-3746 release notes for JAL-3867

JAL-3746 release note for JAL-3907 building Jalview with j17

JAL-3746 release note for JAL-3618 Vaqua config so app directories can be opened

JAL-3594 release notes and mention jalview develop app in release notes

Release notes for JAL—3728 - waiting for ben to sign off or leave issue open