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JAL-3805 Remove Uninstall Old in Release_2_11_1_Branch

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JAL-3796 update signature for uninstaller on OSX

JAL-3111 sign the uninstaller script .. again

JAL-3323 Improved macOS Old Jalview Uninstaller

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JAL-3111 codesign the uninstaller again

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JAL-3247 Adjusted Uninstall Old to just run the old uninstaller if it finds it, aded '(optional)' to the link name in the DMG. It will need re-signing. Edited VCFReader to allow java 1.8 compiling.

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JAL-3247 sign the AppleScript uninstaller

JAL-3247 Added AppleScript based App to run old Jalview uninstaller if present

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