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JAL-3562 paranoid print out of tested values during wait suspect a platform issue making result different

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    • +20
JAL-3562 even longer wait to see if idwidth test passes (still passes on OSX)

    • -1
    • +1
JAL-3562 belt and braces - wait before check, and also check validity of swing component

    • -5
    • +6
JAL-3562 wait until no more events on the queue as well

    • -1
    • +4
JAL-3562 - use isCalcInProgress rather than waiting for a non-null response from getConsensusSeq to indicate when alignFrame is ready to be poked and prodded by test code

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    • +1
JAL-3248 Added instructions for downloading and configuring as gradle project in Eclipse only, i.e. no command line tools needed

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JAL-3562 exclude testNG groups from a build via -PtestngExcludedGroups=Not-bamboo

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JAL-3407 JAL-3562 release notes

JAL-3407 rejigging new features - simplify release note line for virtual features

JAL-3407 reformat releases.html

JAL-3407 - release notes for JAL-3547

JAL-3549 javadoc

Merge branch 'develop' of https://source.jalview.org/git/jalview.git into develop

JAL-3541 increase maxheapsize for test worker process

JAL-3541 tidying build.gradle, delete cloverInstrDir re-added

JAL-3305 don't propagate an empty SelectionGroup to complement view

JAL-3541 put org.gradle.jvmargs explicitly into gradle.properties

JAL-3541 merged cleanClover with develop

JAL-3541 perhaps a better clean for clover. fixed

JAL-3541 perhaps a better clean for clover

JAL-3541 rejigged clover tasks very mildly

Revert "JAL-3541 trying out previous cloverReport task"

This reverts commit dc70a1f7934471a4084c3f10e7bd630d72aa3bf3.

JAL-3541 trying out previous cloverReport task

JAL-3407 JAL-3187 help documentation for virtual features and tabbed feature settings for linked cds/protein views

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    • +24
JAL-3407 JAL-3549 explicitly mention the ‘no features’ dialog, and how an existing selection affects the sort alignment by feature score/density

    • -5
    • +12
JAL-3407 group together ‘virtual feature’ related features in release notes

Merge branch 'develop' of http://source.jalview.org/git/jalview into develop

JAL-3394 updated version if install4j gradle plugin

JAL-3528 unit tests added for failed lookup, Javadoc

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    • +35
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    • +31