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JAL-3337 remove the old lib directory !

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JAL-3337 rejig the source distribution generation to process and replace tokens in source files

JAL-3111 replace year in header for help pages and put processed help in build/distributions

JAL-3353 Change to build.gradle to use the file:// enabled getdown-launcher-local.jar for LOCAL and ARCHIVELOCAL builds only. Otherwise the getdown-launcher.jar (with no local file enabled) will be used

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Merge branch 'develop' of https://source.jalview.org/git/jalview.git into develop

JAL-3111 help pages minor corrections

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JAL-3348 fixed an internal href in help to allow building

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JAL-3337 adjusted building doc as sourceDist uses gradle 5.2 or above properties

Merge branch 'task/JAL-3348_document_cli_memory_settings_when_launching_jalview' into develop

JAL-3111 JAL-3348 JVL file documentation

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JAL-3348 revised bsoares memory settings documentation and updated docs for launching jalview from command line

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Merge branch 'develop' into task/JAL-3348_document_cli_memory_settings_when_launching_jalview

merging in develop

JAL-3348 memory.html documentation finished for 2.11.0

JAL-3348 jvmmempc in jvl file now works in linux

JAL-3348 jvmmempc multiple values shouldn't be merged

JAL-3111 tidy up lists/indentation for release notes

JAL-3111 Java 11 only and 'onwards'

JAL-3111 more whatsNew tweaks

Merge branch 'task/JAL-3337_gradle_tasks_sourceDist_and_help2Website' into develop

JAL-3111 more whats new

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JAL-3348 start of new memory setting text

JAL-3348 jvmmempc allowed in jvl file

Merge branch 'develop' into task/JAL-3348_document_cli_memory_settings_when_launching_jalview

merging in develop

Merge branch 'documentation/JAL-2843_featureFiltersFormat' into develop

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JAL-3348 prepping getdown to pass JVM command line args

JAL-3111 updated what’s new… still more to come !

JAL-3111 updated privacy statement to remove mention of JNLP version checker JAL-3280

JAL-3111 JAL-3150 revised Jalview archive documentation and noted instructions about converting Jalview project files pre Jalview 2.1.

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JAL-3111 JAL-3348 removed pre 2.11 instructions on setting Jalview’s memory settings. Needs information about configuring proportion of memory allocated.

JAL-3111 JAL-3280 hide the version check preference option in ‘Connections’ tab