sasha sherstnev <> in jabaws

Replace temporary path to the download app with the standard one

Replace links to Download and last edit date

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Switch to Java 6 for building

Merge branch 'develop' of into develop

Change for eclipse

Update build.xml file: 1. New targets: core-jar and core-source-jar 2. switch to java 1.7 3. remove aacon-ws-client

modify .gitignore to current JABAWS git structure

Changes to text on the website

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Add an old script

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Fix problems with tests

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Re-design input options: no -seq for a file with 1 FASTA record only.

Define path to UNIREF database in conf/

Diable printing environmental variables in procInput.txt

Remove difinition of UNIREF for JABAWS from

Merge branch 'develop' of into develop

Update information on Jabaws VA

Fix bug with DB checking in

Comment code for future options

Slightly changed JSP page

Fix wrong error message

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Fix problem with HTML code

Fix problem with old Probcons code: couldn't be complied with modern gcc since string.h is needed

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Simplify code

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Lots of changes for Jabaws 2.1 website

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Re-build WS artefacts

Remove still unsupported methods of RegistryWS

Swtich off GA by default

Google analytics receives message with actual Jabaws version

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Bug Fixg: testing RNAalifold jobs have been considered as real ones

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test WS on internal server in the case of proxying