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State Review Owner Name Files Comments Age Due Reviewers
Review CR-JAL-176 Ben Soares JAL-3174 Merging in some test filename-case fixes 2 1 2 years and 2 months
Review CR-JAL-177 Mungo Carstairs JAL-2791 and JAL-3125 Select/export visible features only and avoid... 11 4 2 years and 2 months
Review CR-JAL-178 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3184 restore group visibility on Cancel in Feature Settings 2 11 2 years and 1 month
Review CR-JAL-181 Bob Hanson JAL-3253: Refactor and prototype JalviewJS.Desktop to run embedded in... 329 42 21 months
Review CR-JAL-184 Jim Procter JAL-3274: Embed build details in JalviewJS builds 3 0 21 months
Review CR-JAL-185 Thomas van Aalten JAL-3297: HMMAlign failing due to HMM consensus sequence being a... 2 1 20 months
Review CR-JAL-186 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3212 more use of av.getAbsoluteColumn, and unit tests 6 0 20 months
Review CR-JAL-187 Ben Soares JAL-3348 prepping getdown to pass JVM command line args 12 2 19 months
Review CR-JAL-188 Bob Hanson JAL-3383: Speed up OverviewPanel rendering in JavaScript 66 153 18 months
Review CR-JAL-189 Ben Soares JAL-3477: Default memory selection should have a maximum value 21 17 14 months
Review CR-JAL-190 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3489: Not all chains mapped for multimeric structure loaded from... 3 0 13 months
Review CR-JAL-191 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3081: Let manual annotation ordering take precedence over... 19 4 13 months
Closed CR-JAL-192 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3375: Better VCF data validation while parsing 3 0 13 months
Review CR-JAL-193 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3121: Allow export/import of map-value feature attributes via GFF3 15 9 13 months
Review CR-JAL-195 Mateusz Warowny JAL-3515 Extract core WSDiscoverer methods to a separate interface 8 3 12 months
Review CR-JAL-197 Mateusz Warowny JAL-3515 Build a WSPreferences page for Slivka services. 3 1 12 months
Review CR-JAL-198 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3509 coerce RESNUM to hidden (really) after fetching from PDB 16 3 12 months
Review CR-JAL-199 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3376: Record 'fixed column' values from VCF 2 0 12 months
Review CR-JAL-200 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3375: Better VCF numeric data field validation while parsing (e.g... 3 1 12 months
Review CR-JAL-201 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3251 SequenceToSequenceMapping now SequenceMapping, MappingType++ 13 0 12 months
Review CR-JAL-202 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3121 'attributes map' in GFF3 without special 'jvmap_' token 8 1 12 months
Review CR-JAL-204 Ben Soares JAL-3477 New sensible default decisions on memory, and new jvmmemmax... 23 1 12 months
Review CR-JAL-205 Jim Procter JAL-3528: i18n format statements throw exceptions for missing keys 1 1 12 months
Review CR-JAL-206 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3412: ID margin for CDS and Protein views not equal when split... 6 1 12 months
Review CR-JAL-207 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3296: Changing sequence start should invalidate cursor 2 0 12 months
Review CR-JAL-208 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3468 truncate feature description to 40 chars in tooltip/menu item 7 1 11 months
Review CR-JAL-209 Ben Soares JAL-3543 Conditional reporting of Install4j and Getdown versions if... 2 0 11 months
Review CR-JAL-210 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3549: 'Undo' menu item is added for null Sort by Feature... 4 1 11 months
Review CR-JAL-211 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3579: Feature Editor dialog opens with 'Show Sequence Features'... 1 0 10 months
Review CR-JAL-212 Ben Soares JAL-3529 improved regex in Stockholm UNIPROT accession id test 1 2 10 months
Review CR-JAL-213 Bob Hanson new String(..) in setSequenceSetId() 1 3 10 months
Review CR-JAL-214 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3567: Genomic position shown in virtual feature tooltip 11 4 10 months
Review CR-JAL-215 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3574 patch for Filters on genomic location 7 0 10 months
Review CR-JAL-220 Bob Hanson reference to value, not key, in HashMap 1 2 9 months
Draft CR-JAL-222 Bob Hanson Merge branch 'develop' into Jalview-JS/develop 1 2 8 months
Draft CR-JAL-223 Jim Procter JAL-3446 from applet; JAL-3374 25 0 8 months
Review CR-JAL-224 Bob Hanson JAL-3446, JAL-3647 after first successful test run; removing debug... 2 2 8 months
Draft CR-JAL-226 Bob Hanson JAL-3446 from applet -- reload; also fixes some repaint issues 1 0 8 months
Review CR-JAL-227 Bob Hanson JAL-3446 from applet -- reload; also fixes some repaint issues 1 1 8 months
Review CR-JAL-229 Bob Hanson JAL-3662 simple fix for CLI not using right format for output of... 1 3 8 months
Review CR-JAL-230 Bob Hanson JAL-3659 proper headless check; skips setProperty for JS 1 0 8 months
Review CR-JAL-232 Bob Hanson Commits to JS-develop from 2nd to 25th June 2020 273 9 8 months
Review CR-JAL-233 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3674 more finessed asynchronous structure commands 4 0 8 months
Review CR-JAL-234 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3390: Option to hide unmapped residues in structure viewer 42 0 8 months
Review CR-JAL-235 Ben Soares JAL-3676 Added Log Level ComboBox and Copy to Clipboard button in Java... 3 6 8 months
Closed CR-JAL-236 Ben Soares JAL-3608: Set choice of Look and Feel via system property 9 13 7 months
Review CR-JAL-237 Mungo Carstairs JAL-2656 JAL-3615 check response headers to test for gzipped url reply 1 2 7 months
Review CR-JAL-238 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3371: Adapt JSlider to handle negative and floating point values 7 2 7 months
Closed CR-JAL-239 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3692: Update ENA endpoint for EMBL/CDS sequence retrieval 15 2 6 months
Review CR-JAL-240 Ben Soares JAL-3628 Cache.getStackTraceAsString 5 2 6 months
Closed CR-JAL-241 Ben Soares JAL-3280 Pass appbase and appdir from getdown to jalvew. Check appbase... 4 7 5 months and 29 days