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Closed CR-JAL-241 Ben Soares JAL-3280 Pass appbase and appdir from getdown to jalvew. Check appbase... 4 7 5 months and 29 days
Review CR-JAL-242 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3700: Complement sequence correspondence is broken for CDS with... 2 0 5 months and 15 days
Review CR-JAL-243 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3751 only merge strictly contiguous ranges of mappings 3 0 5 months and 6 days
Review CR-JAL-244 Ben Soares JAL-3608 cherry pick of 92cb745e7 45 4 2 months and 29 days
Review CR-JAL-245 Mateusz Warowny JAL-3809: Edit web service parameters dialog does not work in... 5 9 19 days
Closed CR-JAL-246 Mungo Carstairs JAL-3818 process Jmol callbacks in AWT thread 1 0 6 days
Review CR-1 Alexey Drozdetskiy Fábio Madeira Added a new document for logging the goals and todos (work in... 1 9 4 years 4 years ago
Closed CR-2 Jim Procter Fábio Madeira JWS-121: Service status and usage statistics show cached results for... 21 1 3 years and 8 months