JAL-2379 'direct' pairwise score calculation for PCA (no encoding)


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    Author 1h 7m 7 Resolution under JAL-2397.
    Reviewer - Complete 24m 5 PCA and tree always did slightly different things. They n...
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    07394c1c2d9d4ae05c85cd6d9644e4d17f2818a2: JAL-2379 'direct' pairwise score calculation for PCA (no encoding)

    1. refactor to unify PCA initial matrix generation with ScoreModel logic

    2. fun and profit...

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    /src/jalview/analysis/PCA.java Changed 6
    /src/jalview/schemes/ScoreMatrix.java Changed 6
    /src/jalview/viewmodel/PCAModel.java Changed

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