JAL-2778: Overview panel redraws slowly when overlapping the alignment panel


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    (Originally reported by Geoff Barton)

    The overview panel allows the viewport position to be adjusted by dragging a red box representing the viewport's location. When dragging the box, the speed at which it is redrawn depends on whether the overview panel is overlapping the alignment panel (and possibly others - I'm still investigating the exact behaviour).

    If the overview does not overlap any other panels, the repaint is fast when dragging the box, regardless of the size of the overview panel. If the overview overlaps the alignment, the repaint becomes quite slow.

    It appears that repaints of the overlapped panels are directly triggering the paintComponent method in the overview. The resulting build-up of repaint calls seems to be causing the observed slowdown.

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    /src/jalview/datamodel/Alignment.java Changed 4
    /src/jalview/gui/AlignmentPanel.java Changed
    /src/jalview/gui/AnnotationPanel.java Changed 3
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    /src/jalview/gui/Desktop.java Changed
    /src/jalview/gui/IdCanvas.java Changed 1
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    /src/jalview/gui/OverviewCanvas.java Changed
    /src/jalview/gui/OverviewPanel.java Changed 4
    /src/jalview/gui/ScalePanel.java Changed 2
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    /src/jalview/gui/SeqCanvas.java Changed 1
    /src/.../viewmodel/OverviewDimensions.java Changed 6
    /src/.../viewmodel/OverviewDimensionsHideHidden.java Changed 1
    /src/.../viewmodel/OverviewDimensionsShowHidden.java Changed

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