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    Uniprot's new look website became live at uniprot.org 28th June 2022 - but it's rest query API is not compatible with Jalview's FTS Search API


    There appears to be a new set of query fields https://www.uniprot.org/help/query-fields

    Stopgap is to switch to the legacy service at https://legacy.uniprot.org/uniprot/

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    /help/.../features/uniprotsequencefetcher.html Changed
    /help/.../releases/release-2_11_2_3.md Changed
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    /help/.../whatsnew/whatsnew-2_11_2_3.md Changed
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    /resources/fts/uniprot_data_columns-2022.txt Added
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    /resources/lang/Messages.properties Changed
    /resources/lang/Messages_es.properties Changed
    /src/jalview/fts/core/FTSRestClient.java Changed
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    /src/jalview/fts/core/GFTSPanel.java Changed 2
    /src/.../uniprot/UniProtFTSRestClient.java Changed 5
    /src/jalview/.../uniprot/UniprotFTSPanel.java Changed

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