JAL-2473: UI component disappear on downward resizing Jalview frames / dialogs


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    Some UI component disappear when certain Jalview dialogs are resized smaller beyond certain dimensions. This happens in multiple places e.g: Find dialog, FTS panels, Colour by Annotation, etc.

    A quick (and potentially the most appropriate) fix would be to set a minimum resize dimension threshold for each window / dialog affected.

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    /src/jalview/fts/core/GFTSPanel.java Changed
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    /src/.../gui/AnnotationColourChooser.java Changed
    /src/.../gui/AnnotationColumnChooser.java Changed
    /src/jalview/gui/Console.java Changed
    /src/jalview/gui/Desktop.java Changed
    /src/jalview/gui/FeatureSettings.java Changed
    /src/jalview/gui/Finder.java Changed
    /src/jalview/gui/JalviewDialog.java Changed 2
    /src/jalview/gui/PCAPanel.java Changed
    /src/jalview/gui/SequenceFetcher.java Changed
    /src/jalview/gui/UserDefinedColours.java Changed
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