JAL-2465: No mapping generated for 3D Structures loaded in Jmol via URL


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    I initially thought this bug was specific to Phyre2 model structures, however further tracking shows it happens for all structures and also affects version 2.10.1.

    Follow the steps below to reproduce bug:

    Jmol lunches and displays the structure - however, no mapping is generated hence the displayed structure is grayed out and cannot communicate with the alignment window.
    With Chimera, mapping is created successfully.

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    /src/MCview/AppletPDBCanvas.java Changed
    /src/MCview/PDBCanvas.java Changed
    /src/jalview/.../jmol/JalviewJmolBinding.java Changed 1
    /src/.../chimera/JalviewChimeraBinding.java Changed
    /src/jalview/gui/AppJmol.java Changed
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    /src/jalview/gui/AppVarnaBinding.java Changed
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    /src/jalview/gui/ChimeraViewFrame.java Changed
    /src/jalview/gui/StructureViewerBase.java Changed
    /src/.../javascript/MouseOverStructureListener.java Changed
    /src/.../structure/StructureListener.java Changed
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    /src/.../structure/StructureSelectionManager.java Changed
    /src/.../models/AAStructureBindingModel.java Changed
    /test/jalview/ext/jmol/JmolViewerTest.java Changed 1
    /test/.../chimera/JalviewChimeraView.java Changed
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    /test/.../models/AAStructureBindingModelTest.java Changed

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