JAL-2544: Sort by features buggy with gapped selection region


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    If Sort by Feature Density (or Score) is on a selection region, and the region includes trailing spaces, then features to the right of the region may be counted.
    Example: uniref50.fa + exampleFeatures.txt.
    Select columns 8-10 (only FER1_MAIZE has 1 feature) and Sequence sort by Density in Feature Settings. Sure enough FER1_MAIZE sorts to the bottom (or the top on a second, inverting sort).
    Now insert one ore more gaps before the first features in FER1_SPIOL (at column 11).
    Widen the selection region to include one or more of the gapped columns (but not the SPIOL features).
    Sort by Density again - FER1_SPIOL is now sorted to bottom / top.

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