2016-10-12 Jim Procterdropped out some sections for Glasgow 2016, and quick...
2016-10-12 Jim ProcterMore exercise tweaks - regularise warnings/platform...
2016-10-11 Jim Procterhints should always be placed on a new line in the...
2016-10-11 Jim Proctertweak formating before editing exercises.
2016-10-11 Jim Procterreplaced all instances of 'dialogue' with 'dialog'.
2016-10-10 Jim Proctercrop to make close all figure (sec 1.3 after Fig 1...
2016-10-07 Suzanne DuceI have implemented more of Kira's suggestions. Some...
2016-10-07 Suzanne DuceI have changed the manual in light of Kira's comments.
2016-09-28 Suzanne DuceJust updating the date on the manual
2016-09-16 Suzanne DuceI have proof read manual after yesterday edits and...
2016-09-15 Suzanne DuceI am committing this edits even though there are some...
2016-09-01 Suzanne Duce(A) Polishing the exercises that I have recently create...
2016-06-09 Suzanne DuceChanged pca exercise.
2016-06-09 Suzanne DuceI have correct principle/principal typos in four locati...
2016-05-13 Suzanne DuceChange wording in MSA section about ordering sequences
2016-05-13 Suzanne DuceAdded annotation sections and made few minor changes.
2016-02-18 Suzanne DuceChanges for Feb 2016 SLS course
2015-05-01 Suzanne DuceI have gone through all the exercises in the manual...
2015-04-30 Suzanne Ducethursday edits to manual
2015-04-24 Suzanne DuceReading the pdf I noticed an error in my edits for...
2015-04-24 Suzanne DuceI have added my corrections to chapter 1.
2015-04-24 Suzanne DuceChanges added after the London 2014 workshop
2014-12-19 Suzanne DuceAdded Mungo's edits and standardised layout
2014-12-12 Jim Procterupdate version/date
2014-12-12 Jim Proctercommented out defunct exercises, added others, tweaked...
2014-12-12 Jim Procternew figures for RNA section
2014-12-06 Suzanne DuceSLD has completed her text and exercise edits in Chapter 1.
2014-12-05 Suzanne Duce90% of chapter 1 edits for London workshop. Though...
2014-12-05 Suzanne Ducesecond commit (to test the process)
2014-12-05 Suzanne DuceUpdates for London 2014 workshop
2013-04-07 Jim Procterincluded instructions to use ps2pdf to reduce the size...
2013-02-01 Jim Procterv1.4.1 manual
2013-02-01 Jim ProcterManual version 1.4.1 updated 18th January for Version...
2013-02-01 Jim Procterv2.8 new website and logo
2013-02-01 Jim Procterv 2.8 logo and new top level help page
2013-02-01 Jim Procterv 2.8 logo and authors
2013-02-01 Jim Procterv 2.8 capabilitis
2013-02-01 Jim Procterv2.8 new database selector for sequence fetcher
2013-02-01 Jim Procter2.8 per sequence annotation colouring
2013-02-01 Jim Procter2.8 colourschemes
2013-02-01 Jim Procterrevised pca in v2.8
2013-02-01 Jim Procteralignment services in v2.8
2013-02-01 Jim Procterv2.8 jabaws config with server status
2013-02-01 Jim Procterv2.8 ws menu
2013-02-01 Jim Procterv2.8 sequence disorder
2013-02-01 Jim Procterv2.8 sequence details window
2013-02-01 Jim Procterignore intermediate files
2013-01-10 Jim Procterupdated tutorial for Jalview 2.7 - includes contributio...
2011-12-05 Jim Procterupdate to 1.3.01
2011-12-05 Jim Procterfix left-right page numbering and incorrect menu item
2011-11-29 Jim Procterupdated screen optimized version
2011-11-29 Jim Procterupdated master document with dna alignment tools table
2011-11-29 Jim Proctercompleted table of jabaws alignment services useful...
2011-11-28 Jim Procterjalview manual v1.3 - updated for v2.7 of Jalview with...
2011-11-28 Jim Procterdrag and drop association of PDB structures
2011-11-28 Jim Proctercolour by .. submenu figure
2011-11-28 Jim Procterdnmt1_mouse complex domain alignment colouring example
2011-11-28 Jim Procterjv2.7 rss newsreader
2011-11-28 Jim Procterjabaws config panel in jalview preferences
2011-11-28 Jim Procterjv2.7 capabilities diagram
2011-11-28 Jim Procteralignment web service parameters from html help
2011-11-28 Jim Procterferredoxin structure superposition
2011-11-28 Jim Procterslider from clustal parameters
2011-11-28 Jim Procterv2.7 splash screen
2011-11-28 Jim Procterv2.7 startup screen
2011-11-28 Jim Procterjaba style alignment submission
2011-11-28 Jim Procterreordered web services menu
2011-11-28 Jim Procterfiles for superposition exercises
2011-05-06 Jim Procterrude typo fixed
2011-03-04 Jim Procterpatches from Dundee Tutorial on Feb 2011
2011-03-04 Jim Procterpatches from Dundee Tutorial on Feb 2011
2010-10-11 Jim Procterpatched layout and fixed some typos noticed by tutee...
2010-10-11 Jim Procterpatched layout and fixed some typos noticed by tutee...
2010-06-14 Jim Procterspellchecking
2010-06-08 Jim Procterjalview 2.5 updates
2009-01-09 Jim Procterscreen optimized PDF
2009-01-09 Jim ProcterSettings for screen optimized PDF
2009-01-09 Jim Procterremoved enfin fp workshop from front page
2008-08-30 Jim Procterfinal version (draft) for EBI/Enfin Function Prediction...
2008-08-30 Jim Proctermore ignores
2008-08-30 Jim Procterresized
2008-08-30 Jim Procterupdated example PFAM accession
2008-08-28 Jim Procterfirst ebi tutorial draft for 2.4 release
2008-08-14 Jim Procteroriginal tutorial put online for version 2.2