JAL-3416 (and others) increasing number of STDERR lines used for jalview.bin.CommandL...
[jalview.git] / jalview-jalopy.xml
2016-10-25 Jim ProcterJAL-2089 patch broken merge to master for Release 2... releases/Release_2_10_0_Branch
2015-10-16 Jim ProcterJAL-1925 update source version in license Release_2_9_0b2
2015-10-08 Jim ProcterJAL-1894 update year/version in copyright
2015-09-10 Jim ProcterJAL-1645 Version-Rel Version 2.9 Year-Rel 2015 Licensin...
2015-03-06 Jim ProcterJAL-1683 replace year/version strings with tokens in...
2014-12-15 Jim ProcterJAL-1620 version bump and release notes
2014-06-05 Jim ProcterJAL-1517 update copyright to version 2.8.2
2014-05-22 Jim ProcterJAL-1503 update version in GPL header
2014-01-29 Jim ProcterJAL-1432 updated copyright notices
2011-10-10 jprocterupdate author list in license for (JAL-826)
2011-09-27 jprocterapply version 2.7 copyright
2011-06-26 jprocterreinstated valid XML content : additional for JAL-775
2010-09-23 jprocterJalview 2.6 source licence
2010-04-30 jprocterjalview 2.5 release banner
2005-06-07 jproctervery basic code convention. no licensing/stripping...