2013-06-14 SashaFix core WST file master
2013-06-14 SashaMerge branch 'JABAWS_Release_2_0'
2013-06-14 SashaNew eclipse project file
2013-06-14 SashaNew project name
2013-06-14 Sashanecessary changes for my Eclipse
2013-06-14 Sashacorrect tomcat configuration
2013-06-14 SashaAdd necessary changes for Eclipse
2013-06-14 Sashamake changes in log configuration
2013-04-19 SashaAdd log4j classes to min-jaba-client-2.0.jar. Now separ...
2013-03-29 Alexander SherstnevAdd jobsout/README
2013-03-29 Alexander SherstnevRebuilt jars for jabaws
2013-03-29 Alexander Sherstnevdifferent corrections
2012-06-04 jprocterMerge branch 'JWS-27-jronn' into JABAWS_Release_2_0 origin/JABAWS_Release_2_0
2012-06-04 jprocterJWS-27 replaced JRonn with patched biojava 3.0.4 versio...
2012-06-01 jprocterMerge branch 'JWS-29' into JABAWS_Release_2_0
2012-06-01 jprocterJWS-29 patch fixes bug - wierd workaround since "^...
2012-06-01 jproctertest demonstrating JWS-29 assertion failure
2012-06-01 jprocterMerge branch 'JWS-36' into JABAWS_Release_2_0
2012-06-01 jprocterJWS-36 patched Scores writer to put spaces between...
2012-05-31 jprocterMerge branch 'JWS-35' into JABAWS_Release_2_0
2012-05-31 jprocterpatch fixes JWS-35
2012-05-31 jproctertest for JWS-35 - check that range and first value...
2012-05-15 jprocterremove jabaws 3 development code
2012-05-15 jprocterensure we never check in autogenerated documentation...
2012-05-15 jprocterfix jabaws download link
2011-12-12 pvtroshinword order
2011-12-12 pvtroshinload the driver explicitly
2011-12-09 pvtroshinAMI ID update
2011-12-09 pvtroshinweb site minor tweaks
2011-12-09 pvtroshinweb pages url updates
2011-12-08 pvtroshinBug fix to the stat pages
2011-12-07 pvtroshinupdated javadoc for the system as well as new redirect...
2011-12-07 pvtroshinremove old project javadoc
2011-12-07 pvtroshinremove old datamodel javadoc
2011-12-07 pvtroshinweb pages updates to point to new download location...
2011-11-08 pvtroshinFix for potential NullPointer exception if the results...
2011-11-03 pvtroshinremove a copy of category tester
2011-11-02 jproctertest that methods and fields of Category are publicly...
2011-11-02 pvtroshinA few minor changes to the test
2011-11-02 pvtroshinupdate binaries
2011-11-02 pvtroshinAssign a test to an appropriate test category
2011-11-02 pvtroshinFix bug in category class and use Jim's test as a test...
2011-10-31 pvtroshinupdate build artefacts
2011-10-31 pvtroshinMove Category into data.msa package from ws.server...
2011-10-13 pvtroshinJABAWS web site update - new logo and title page
2011-10-11 pvtroshinchange tracker code to compbio
2011-10-11 pvtroshinGoogle Analytics statistics is added
2011-10-11 pvtroshinga config file
2011-10-10 pvtroshinChanging of input type
2011-10-05 pvtroshinWeb site updates
2011-10-05 pvtroshinRemove test jobs from statistics
2011-09-16 pvtroshinService status pages update
2011-09-16 pvtroshinweb site update new pages for awss beanstalk deployment
2011-09-16 pvtroshinallow head method for all jabaws servlets
2011-09-16 pvtroshinadd response to head method
2011-09-06 pvtroshincomment out services checkers from the security constrain
2011-09-06 pvtroshindoc update
2011-09-06 pvtroshinWeb services status checking servlets, new clustalo...
2011-09-06 pvtroshinHead title change
2011-09-05 pvtroshinUpdate for web services stubs
2011-09-05 pvtroshinBinaries for Mac in a war file
2011-09-05 pvtroshinupdates to web site
2011-09-05 pvtroshinAdding listener for setting executable flag on the...
2011-09-05 pvtroshinAdd an implementation for Services.getServiceInfo metho...
2011-09-02 pvtroshinweb pages updates
2011-08-25 pvtroshinAn attempt to automatically make binaries executables...
2011-08-16 pvtroshinMinor changes
2011-08-16 pvtroshinminor change
2011-08-16 pvtroshinadding one more window web service into the test case
2011-08-12 pvtroshinrearrangement for mac binaries to link up with a web...
2011-08-12 pvtroshinJavadoc fixes
2011-08-12 pvtroshinadding clustalO documentation
2011-08-12 pvtroshinupdated javadoc
2011-08-12 pvtroshinremove dm javadoc to update
2011-08-12 pvtroshindelete old javadoc to update
2011-08-12 pvtroshinbuild client source when build all
2011-08-12 pvtroshinMac binaries
2011-08-12 pvtroshinwebsite docs update
2011-08-12 pvtroshinServices class refactored to get rid of engines and...
2011-08-11 pvtroshinChange header template for a new version
2011-08-11 pvtroshinChange header template for a new version
2011-08-11 pvtroshinChange header template for a new version
2011-08-11 pvtroshinAdding new web service, getting rid of virtual box...
2011-08-11 pvtroshinclustalo x64 from the developer
2011-08-11 pvtroshinx86 and x64 clustalo binaries
2011-08-11 pvtroshinx86 clustalo binary
2011-08-11 pvtroshinFixes to testcase, take into account the new WS
2011-08-10 pvtroshinDrop support for VirtualBox
2011-08-04 pvtroshindundee executable conf
2011-08-04 pvtroshinGet rid of v_hmem settings
2011-08-04 pvtroshinGet rid of v_hmem settings
2011-08-04 pvtroshinComments
2011-08-04 pvtroshinupdate
2011-08-04 pvtroshinClustalO servlets
2011-08-04 pvtroshinreverting cluster engine settings (disabled by default)
2011-08-04 pvtroshinClustalO settings
2011-08-04 pvtroshinClustalO compile
2011-08-04 pvtroshinclustalo 64x binary
2011-08-04 pvtroshinClustal Omega web service wrapper and tester
2011-08-04 pvtroshinClustal Omega web service wrapper and tester