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5 days ago James ProcterJAL-4104 JAL-4102 update help docs with script to add... master Release_2_11_2_6
5 days ago Jim ProcterJAL-4102 whatsNew for
7 days ago Jim ProcterMerge branch 'patch/JAL-4114_updated_3dbeacons_api...
7 days ago Jim ProcterJAL-4114 model_page_url not required in v2.0 response patch/JAL-4114_updated_3dbeacons_api
7 days ago Jim ProcterJAL-4102 update date and release notes for
7 days ago Jim ProcterMerge branch 'patch/JAL-4114_updated_3dbeacons_api...
7 days ago Jim ProcterMerge branch 'patch/Release_2_11_2_6_Branch' into develop
8 days ago Jim ProcterJAL-2353 primary ref candidates that should be promoted... patch/Release_2_11_2_6_Branch
8 days ago Jim ProcterJAL-4114 missing mock server response
8 days ago Jim ProcterJAL-4114 only rank model qualities that are computed...
8 days ago Jim ProcterJAL-4114 alphafold now marked as AB-INITIO so adjust...
8 days ago Jim ProcterJAL-4114 additional warnings when PDBe doesn’t return...
8 days ago Jim ProcterJAL-4114 patch REST client for changed JSON schema...
8 days ago Jim ProcterJAL-4114 formatting
8 days ago Jim ProcterJAL-4114 updated mock tests and responses for v2.0 api
2022-11-30 Jim ProcterJAL-4102 bump version number
5 days ago Release_2_11_2_6
3 months ago Release_2_11_2_5
5 months ago Release_2_11_2_4
6 months ago Release_2_11_2_3
8 months ago Release_2_11_2_2
9 months ago Release_2_11_2_1
10 months ago Release_2_11_2_0
12 months ago Release_2_11_1_7
12 months ago Release_2_11_1_6
13 months ago Release_2_11_1_5
22 months ago Release_2_11_1_4
23 months ago Develop-2_11_2_0-d20210205
2 years ago Develop-2_11_2_0-d20201215
2 years ago Release_2_11_1_3
2 years ago Release_2_11_1_2
2 years ago Release_2_11_1_1
2 days ago develop
2 days ago features/r2_11_2_alphafold/JAL-629
3 days ago releases/Release_2_11_2_Branch
3 days ago new_feature/JAL-4019_ambiguous_base_colourscheme
5 days ago master
7 days ago development/Release_2_12_Branch
7 days ago patch/JAL-4114_updated_3dbeacons_api
8 days ago patch/Release_2_11_2_6_Branch
11 days ago merge/JAL-1988_JAL-3772+JAL-3416+JAL-4054+JAL-4064
2 weeks ago spikes/JAL-4113_javafx_with_Jalview_MSA
3 weeks ago improvement/JAL-4111_suffixed_DEVELOP_channels
5 weeks ago alpha/JAL-3362_Jalview_212_alpha
5 weeks ago patch/r2_11_2_6/JAL-2350_embl_xrefs_from_uniprot_version_consistency
6 weeks ago update/JAL-4108_212_testng_jar_update
6 weeks ago spike/jims_dec_2022_212_merge
8 weeks ago spike/jims/Release_2_12_alpha